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The sea water and the human plasma contain the same proportions of elements (rare metals in the body, selenium, copper, zinc, etc..), mineral salts (calcium, magnesium, potassium) and vitamins. This way we find in the sea and in the seaweed which concentrate its riches, our memory and our origins.

In addition, being a cure for the most common respiratory disorders, the Thalassotherapy is used for the treatment of joint pain, osteoarthritis, is recommended for the treatment of skin diseases such as dermatitis and post-traumatic rehabilitation. The Thalassotherapy is also a wonderful beauty treatment that uses the combined action of the sun, iodine and salt water.

The moisturizing, slimming, relaxing, regenerating algae, make appropriate responses to the needs of the organism and the epidermis. It is one of the methods which in recent years has proved very efficient against cellulitis.

Great results have been achieved thanks to the use of sea water and the positive actions of the marine climate. The seawater recalls the stagnant liquids in the legs favoring drainage and it contains beneficial microorganisms to oxygenate tissues: salt, iodine and salt water are the natural enemies of cellulitis, purifying the skin and growing up significantly.

Contraindications: the thalassotherapy is recommended in case of thyroid problems (due to the presence of high iodine which stimulates the gland), heart problems and high blood pressure, recent heart attack, skin lesions (sores, open wounds), malignant neoplastic diseases, treatments chemotherapy performed by less than six months, bronchitis and acute urinary tract infections in progress.