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E-BLACK Beauty Equipment BIO LUX

Advanced monochromatic IR light for biological stimulation

A unique system acting on any kind of skin through infrared monochromatic rays. Remarkable results on face and body treatments. Light is energy, BIO LUX is able to transfer this energy to skin cells. More tone, more elasticity and vitality for your skin.

BIO LUX rays get into the skin and are absorbed by specific biological structures. This absorption improves ATP synthesis into the cells, causing the activation of several biological processes.

Safe and effective. Non invasive and totally painless.

...light for your face

The system is safe, effective and very easy to use. Several preset functions help you achieve great results in several beauty treatments: toning, lifting, anti-wrinkle, anti-stress. Specific programs for different kind of skin: dry, oily, acne-prone, eye contour and lips.

...pure energy for your body

Total or localized body treatments with a thirty-emitters probe: modelling, toning, fat reduction, drainage and lympho-drainage, relax… You can treat different kind of cellulite with quick sessions and remarkable results.